Self driving car rental car rental website to complete the A round of 10 million financing

[Abstract] rental headquarters in Guangzhou, launched on 2011, the financing of investment for qiming.


technology news (Fan Xiaodong) September 22nd news, the global driving car rental booking website recently completed $10 million A round of financing, the investor is qiming.

rental car headquarters in Guangzhou, on 2011 on-line. According to the rental co-founder Li Bin, early development, rental prices set in the domestic and foreign car rental market search platform to bring traffic to the car rental brand chain enterprises, but with the explosive growth of outbound free exercise and overseas driving this rise of emerging patterns of international travel, rental car rental business continues to increase, according to Li Bin said, the current rental car rental reservation service month international, more than 100 thousand vehicles per day (car rental industry to describe a unit order quantity).

and the domestic car market, for Chinese outbound travelers international car rental market is an asymmetric information market, because the foreign car rental booking sites are in a foreign language description, plus the car rental company to Chinese driver’s license, driving different provisions in transit, and the insurance, overseas payment and other issues, so there are Chinese travelers a lot of pain points in the use of foreign car rental services.

currently has 140 rental car rental suppliers, docking of the background system several foreign car rental companies or wholesalers, collect information on the more than 30 thousand car rental outlets around the globe, and to Chinese users will do these information structure optimization, to provide free rental service for users Chinese GPS.

rent a car does not need to guide the user to the official website of the chain to book, but in their own site to provide users with one-stop search, parity, reservation, and even payment services. At present, rental offer pre paid in full "," a small deposit "and" full payment "three book mode. From this point of view, car rental can be seen as a foreign car rental company to provide product distribution services OTA.

Li Bin also said that where to go overseas auto channel will dock rental car product inventory.