Palm interested in science and technology to buy 800 million mobile network Song Haibo return times

810 million consideration, corresponding to 2012 net profit of PE was 14 times, the acquisition of the benefits brought to shareholders is not less than

financial weekly newspaper reporter Tian Xiaolei / Beijing reported

palm interested in science and Technology (300315.SZ), a draft paper, announced that when the network pioneer completely abandoned the dream of listing.

February 5th, palm interested in science and technology announcement, intends to acquire 100% stake in the vanguard of the mobile network through the equity + cash, the total purchase price of $810 million.

previously, the pioneer of the relevant person in charge of the network has repeatedly said that the listing is an important goal, but a dismal market so many companies prohibitive.

In fact, in September 29, 2012 it was broke the news, palm interested in science and technology intends to acquire the company’s mobile network tour pioneer, the valuation of over one billion, but the mobile network pioneer CEO Song Haibo immediately denied to the media.

Song Haibo may be waiting for a better time, according to the palm interested in science and technology assets assessment report, 2012 Pioneer Network reached the pinnacle of performance, net profit of 58 million 410 thousand yuan, which makes him more capital to sell at a good price.

price of 810 million yuan, compared with 2012 net profit, PE is about 14 times, and even insiders believe that the acquisition was not brought to the interests of shareholders less than the listing alone.

and palm interested in science and technology can also be achieved in the transformation of income structure.

After the acquisition of the draft

announced, palm interested in science and technology for three consecutive word limit. As of February 22, 2013, closing at 33.35 yuan / share, compared with the draft rose by 45.89%.

Wang Guiqing four shareholders, such as 26 times the return of

before trading, Pioneer Network, a total of 10 shareholders, namely Song Haibo, Changchun Guangzhou Guangzhou kenrui linkage, and Wang Guiqing, Li Rui, Li Zhichao, Zhang Jie, Chen Jiaqing, and Chengmai Rui Jie Han, were holding 25%, 21.6%, 18%, 14.4%, 10%, 4.05%, 3%, 1.95%, 1%, 1%.

according to the financial weekly newspaper reporter statistics, the above 10 shareholders in the vanguard of the net body of the equity investment costs of a total of $24 million 788 thousand and 700, now sold at a price of 810 million, the cost is equivalent to an appreciation of $785 million.

, Wang Guiqing, Li Zhichao, Guangzhou, Guangzhou kenrui choose exit linkage, into the bag for ann. They held a total of 58.05% stake in the vanguard of the mobile network, the price of $3.15 in cash, divided into three phases.


is calculated according to the financial weekly, the 4 shareholders holding pioneer network costs amounted to 12 million 38 thousand and 700 yuan, if successful exit, the average investment return of 26 times.

, Guangzhou and Guangzhou kenrui linkage in the pioneer network have been lurking near 3>