Stationmaster net broadcast the next ten years is still the best chance against O2O BAT Chinese vent

1 Yao Jinbo: the next ten years is still the best opportunity for Chinese entrepreneurs

"2013 annual Billboard Awards ceremony held in Beijing yesterday afternoon, many industry leaders talk about the meeting of wind and clouds of industry of science and technology. During the ceremony, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo said that the next ten years will still be the best Chinese business for the past ten years, there is still a chance to change in the Internet environment.

in 2013, Yao Jinbo led the city to break the 58 Chinese enterprises overseas listing of the winter, the smooth landing of the NYSE, so that the international capital markets, the Chinese Internet industry unlimited business opportunities.

according to Yao Jinbo personally revealed that second days after the listing of the normal work to fly back to Beijing. He believes that in the mobile Internet era, a company’s leaders must take the enterprise to the faster lane.

2 BAT vs O2O: Tencent Baidu looking for breakthrough Ali competition payment

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before the Spring Festival taxi subsidy wars after suddenly upgrade, Didi taxi and fast taxi for users to launch various marketing strategies alternately exhaust all the skills. Taxi behind the intense competition, the major Internet giants are O2O field layout: the rapid acquisition of high moral Ali, Alipay and WeChat wallet payment competing layout application scenarios, the Alibaba’s Amoy little billions of dollars in recruitment service provider partners……

the development of the Internet industry for more than and 10 years, with the rise of mobile Internet, the major Internet giants aimed at the beginning of the line, hoping to use the Internet to transform traditional industries into restaurants, department stores, tools, clothing, taxi and other aspects.

in the past, the Internet is more concerned about manufacturing. The overall level of the third industry in China is still relatively low, the development is relatively backward, the Internet can accelerate the improvement of the entire industry of the third. O2O zoom look, is the third industry of electronic, very large cake." Internet commentators Hong Bo said.

3 Tencent announced the results of WeChat public beta wide point number can be realized

Core tip: according to the Tencent

wide point WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers. Compared with the mobile APP ad click rate, the number of WeChat ads Click to be much higher.

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twenty-first Century economic report of the Spring Festival, part of the WeChat public account operators began to make money, it seems has been regarded as people from the media praised a glimmer of hope. According to the Tencent wide point of WeChat promotion project director He Yanjie said the data show that in public beta account up to now nearly 100, more than and 10 advertisers.

He Yanjie said, on average in public beta account advertising rate is 3.5%. Of which more than 10% of the public account hits more than 10%, more than 20% of the public account hits in more than 5%. 21 of the world.