Google announced the punishment of excessive advertising sites

news January 23rd, due to user complaints, Google has announced the punishment on the websites that contain excessive advertising on their top of the web page, for the website in Google search engine rankings for punishment.

Google Webmaster Central blog to engineer Matt Cutts said that a large number of user complaints, click on the search engine website, it is difficult to find the actual content of the website, after opening will find a lot of advertising, and even there will be a lot of pop-up ads by browser users caused slow.

, according to Google’s search engine, a senior executive said, for a large number of these complaints, Google plans to those who use excessive fixed position static advertising site punishment. And the director also said that for pop-up ads, the current Google’s algorithm for its traffic will not have a significant impact on the site’s search rankings. In addition, the rumors that Google will release an official webmaster tools to monitor the site put too much advertising problems, the director said he would launch the relevant tools.

but Google announced the decision to punish a lot of questions raised by the site. Many sites believe that Google’s search engine itself is the lack of oversight of the content of the site, and this approach may affect the site’s normal advertising effect.