Net net upgrade China media blockbuster hit the gun

June 24th, news, recently, SARFT provider for Internet TV license, issued on shut down illegal Internet TV terminal product video software to download the channel file immediately, and demanded the closure of the Internet box video client.

currently, SARFT has banned Zhejiang and Shanghai TV box preloaded unaudited video APP, and require two licenses China media and blockbuster for rectification.

said the SARFT, China media launched Tmall’s box of political harmful, obscene and vulgar adverse events and poured into TV piracy program provides technical support and channel; red blockbuster launched Internet TV set-top boxes, channel to provide technical support and micro film, network drama and other programs without a lot of home the approval of the foreign TV drama and contains pornographic content into TV, both sides are a serious violation of the central administration of the relevant requirements and management policy.


administration, was criticized for the enterprise, before the completion of consolidation, may not issue new Internet TV terminal products, such as the Internet can not be harmful into the TV program of end products through its Internet TV integrated platform be effectively solved the problem, run the body should be held accountable.

this, Shenyin researcher believes that, in the Internet TV license in the present, many of the licenses in promoting their own content platform at the same time, in the video content into the third party to take a relatively relaxed integration strategy, which is also the content of the inventory foreshadowed.

"as far as we know, like China media and blockbuster into the box and aggregation software, and there is no broadcast control power and arrangement of the content. In fact, the two companies want to use the existing license, through the Internet to expand their ‘site’." The researcher said, "the follow-up material will borrow a net net, Jian Wang and a series of actions, from the aspects of copyright and dissemination, to intervene for the existing commercial company’s Internet TV and set-top box terminal market and governance."

can see, from the upstream content of copyright investigation, to the regulatory responsibilities of today’s Internet TV integrated platform accountability, Internet TV purification action is also further escalation." In this regard, the researchers believe that.

day, the number of Chinese media have issued an official statement saying that the company did receive higher authorities for verification of the Internet TV set-top box required.

said the number of Chinese media, the Internet TV set-top box to launch in the company and Ali, with Iqiyi, Sohu and other client software, individual video aggregation software, after verification mainly because smartphone operating system currently used, with open technology features, users can install their own independent app store and download third party the client application.

at that time, will notify the user to download the third party application store by mandatory notification and offline upgrade restrictions." The number of Chinese media as saying.