Discuz 7 new home post function

The young and the application of the

user’s entertainment has become the future development trend of the Internet, the Internet as the cornerstone of the development of the network community, how to retain these users by means of technology, is a problem worth considering. The Comsenz (Comsenz) upcoming forum BBS program Discuz! 7, the new forum posting function confirms this point.


new version of the Discuz 7 on the forum post features, theme classification features a simple but not simple, the design of the forum administrator in the background can be a flexible grasp of the operating essentials. On the other hand, this design makes the new force of the forum can quickly adapt to the community environment, so as to achieve the purpose of new users quickly post, help to mobilize the popularity of the forum.

for the popularity of a relatively strong forum, after the new user in Posts often will soon sink, then you can use "my son" quickly find their own published topics and replies. In addition, Discuz 7 on the basis of the original forum features, the bold reform of the previous forum interface design, has become a trend of innovation to adapt to the user of the younger.