Mobile electricity supplier to explore a new model pat Network to attract micro business regulars

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo Wang Qian) the Tencent pat Network, its hands become a weapon against Taobao after the Jingdong was incorporated. The day before, pat Network put forward "to the center and the center of the combination of" strategy, to help businesses through all kinds of solutions in the center to the center of the trend of rapid completion of transformation. Jingdong group vice president Pat network president Kui Ying Chun said that the rapid development of mobile business, the ecological chain businesses are looking for new models, in order to obtain greater dividends in the future, under the background of Pat micro shop to create "mobile business ecosystem to the center and the center of combination", leading the micro taking into the era of the regular army.

pat Network responsible person, at present, Taobao, Tmall and other Jingdong, attracted a lot of traffic, the center platform trend is obvious, pat on the PC side of the shop and pat micro shop to realize traffic exchange, WeChat, Q and other hand multiple entrance can also pat micro shop guide, pat App client will also become a platform for drainage pat micro shop, which formed to the center of the trend. In addition, pat Network with QC department, checks and supervision for micro businesses to achieve the "standardization", pat businessmen to get traffic, through the "regular army" mode of operation to ensure the real "to the center" under the mode of fan sedimentation.

days ago, pat micro shop center solutions have been preliminary layout completed, since the line, pat micro shop operating stores has reached 1, single day peak orders amounted to 60 million yuan, sales accounted for more than 30% of the total pat network.