Qlook’s a soft Wen was so successful

recently a want to encrypt? Pay first! QQ album leaked user sex photo of an article crazy reproduced in the major sites.

but also the source of the news is the Ocean network – Guangzhou daily, but I can not find this exclusive news on the internet. (I am through the station search, may be deleted or their search not caring friends always embarrassed) took note of this article appeared in a photo album crack QQ password software Qlook although only a passing, but it has attracted a large number of people can be hidden. Now, believe that if this article is Sina, 163, Sohu websites such as an editor in Qlook this keyword must be recommended so as recently very popular in East kappa female to become the new hot spot.

Let’s look at the

Qlook called it: {QQlook3.0 is a can also crack QQ space album password software, to facilitate the download, the station and the developers agreed the post links in this site, welcome to download the test. QQlook crack QQ space album password tool 2008 Olympic Edition V3.0 in November 1, 2007 released the setup.exe file md5:c08524cc8dd58325954df58c2cc042375b software: software. The software can also support the super green crack QQ space album password, do not modify the registry. Only some guaranteed lifetime free upgrades, according to Tencent is constantly upgrade and upgrade, there is no use for a period of time cannot use the phenomenon. Very simple, elegant, fresh and natural interface with simple and convenient. As long as you enter the other QQ number, the software will automatically link to the appropriate password page. It can be modified to increase the administrator name and password to improve safety. Crack password is simple and convenient.

please note: This is a fake ah, this software fabricator is issued in Shanghai a network marketing company, the first few mention I check for more than 4 hours of relevant information about the software on the Internet, download to see, I put the password crack inside the more than and 600 K after the success of the the executable file is a rogue software, it is my antivirus software to stop. }

{} in the contents of the collection of information on the Internet, and now the QQ album can not be mentioned in the text, as long as it is uploaded before the photo can be seen by friends, and can also be seen after the deletion." This makes me doubt, you can freely experiment can know, but most people just don’t have the mood, ".. Sad ah! But I want to say is, as a soft wen it has been a great success, this is what we should learn. When can I recommend the Jiaozuo city network which ha ha. Advise those people with hidden fixation after the craving to go to the toilet to see their own to dissipate.