Analysis of the industry Web site five B2B and intelligent Station Road

      most of the B2B website to send B2B pages, but still can not replace the enterprises that have their own independent website ideas. As the industry website owners, not necessarily have very professional knowledge, may have a certain sales force, as well as simple text and image processing ability, if the external technical staff will increase operating costs, the ability of industry website from this perspective B2B to intelligent building site.

      at the same time, the past, most enterprises know there is a misunderstanding, that set up a website is engaged in electronic commerce, but if you do not know after the establishment of the website promotion, nothing more than a little similar to that of the earth, if not propaganda, such as how to let potential customers find you in this world. From this point of view, the site must be carried out after the promotion, and the promotion of the site through the industry website is like renting a booth from the professional market. Such targeted customer groups more targeted, the effect will be more obvious.

      members through when using the intelligent website can not only have a professional enterprise web site   and to have the opportunity to get unlimited business opportunities in the industry; the same member when using the industry website can not only obtain unlimited business opportunities, but also have the opportunity to have a professional corporate website.

      provide stable B2B membership group through self help station system

      through the self-service station system registered members, these members after the establishment of the site to take into account the promotion of the first, and the industry is bound to combine the industry website is the most direct and most sensible choice.

      through the powerful business functions of B2B to promote the construction of Intelligent Web site services.

      the ability to integrate the powerful B2B industry, condensed a batch of high degree of adhesion, high rate of back member, can continuously bring website construction business, no doubt on the industry website, in addition to advertising + member income more income in building block.

      combined with intelligent and industry website is complementary, from the current situation, most of the industry Web site operators have been aware of this point. As operators are concerned, the nine day of the intelligent site B2B industry site solutions is undoubtedly a very good choice!