2015 P2P death list exposure exposing P2P net loan of 8 kinds of dead method

review: there is no doubt that the quantity and quality of the asset side, the increasingly serious problem of net loan industry has become.


P2P industry this year, the situation is also very bad rate. At the end of October 2015, the platform cumulative number has reached 1166, the total platform ratio as high as 32.7%. 2015 in the first 10 months, the number of new platform accumulated up to 777. The proportion of the future or will continue to rise.

this, net loan industry analyst Li Xianrui said: P2P platform operating risk is still in the process of sustained release, and this process is quite tragic, investors suffered heavy losses."

Although the

P2P platform are tight lipped about their bad rate, but its adverse rate is much higher than the bank is an indisputable fact, P2P industry insiders estimate the overall non-performing rate of around 10%. According to the recent 16 quarterly disclosure of listed banks in China, the data show that the balance of non-performing loans was $908 billion, an increase of nearly 2014 over the end of 30%. There is no doubt that the quality and quantity of assets, has become an increasingly serious problem of the net loan industry.

P2P net loan platform of 8 kinds of dead method

P2P net loan platform by the weak financial strength of private lending companies or large, pawn line, a small loan company set up a lot of funds strand breaks platform is sooner or later. Because of the regulatory system is not perfect, the fund-raising in the name of net loan platform is also a lot of deception.

the first method of death: the financing of the target is not achieved, subject to high interest rates, capital strand breaks.

is typical of the collapse of the second half of last year, the net win the world". Opened only 4 months, the net win the world on the cumulative absorption of more than $700 million. This platform is the boss of the net loan platform to do with him in Shenzhen, a corporate finance. In the final analysis, this is basically a listed company intends to curve financing story. The company listed dream shattered, the cost of borrowing money can not afford, the platform announcement withdrawal difficulties, at least 100 million yuan of funds failed to honor investors, causing a large number of investor rights.

second dead method: really into the Internet banking, but the lack of net loan industry experience, talent.

is typical of the initiative to close the Mount Huangshan capital, which is one of the few companies in the net loan industry collapse of conscience. The company went bankrupt because of poor management, but repaid the money of the investor. The company is mainly the lack of Internet banking team of talent, there is no relevant experience before, so the initiative to withdraw. The majority of Companies in the western region to create net loan companies will have this confusion: compared to the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen tier cities, both lack of financial talent and lack of Internet talent.

third kinds of death: money speculation, capital chain rupture.

is "Oriental venture capital". This is a net loan companies in Shenzhen, in October last year, after the withdrawal of restrictions, investment professionals find problems, centralized withdrawals >