Strict management of Heilongjiang internet medical and health information serious violations will be

recently, the Heilongjiang provincial health department issued the "measures on Internet Information Service Management (Trial)", issued clear provisions shall not contain pornographic content information, false information, without the approval of the medical advertising, the violator shall be fined according to the severity of the transfer, communication management department in accordance with the law, transferred to judicial authorities for criminal responsibility.

reporter learned from the Heilongjiang provincial health department, recently issued the "Internet information service management approach (Trial)" clearly stipulates that all responsibility contents provide Internet medical and health information service website to release all the information including links. It is not allowed to release any information contained in feudal superstition or obscene content; it shall not publish false information; it shall not issue any medical advertisements without approval; it shall not engage in online diagnosis and treatment activities.

regulations, engaged in the activities of internet medical and health information services in the territory of Heilongjiang, in the business license application to the communication administrative department or perform registration procedures, shall be approved by the provincial people’s government administrative departments of health and medicine management department for examination and approval. Where an application for the provision of Internet health care information services is provided, the sponsor shall be a lawfully established medical and health care institution, an enterprise or institution engaging in preventive health care services or other social organizations. Technical personnel must have website or channel 2 or more familiar with the laws and regulations on the administration of medical care and health care professional knowledge; provide knowledge propaganda, should have the qualification of 1 deputy senior professional and technical positions above health care physicians.

approach, the Internet health care information services must be scientific and accurate, in line with the relevant state laws, regulations and health care information management regulations. May not exaggerate publicity, illegal advertising is prohibited. Non medical institutions shall not store and process electronic medical records and health information on the internet. In the website of internet medical and health information services in the same Chinese name other than the name with the organizers, not to "Chinese", "China", "national", "health of Heilongjiang", "Heilongjiang health" and "health of Heilongjiang province", "Heilongjiang Province medical" title. At the same time, the development of sexual knowledge, must provide the source of information content, and clearly marked in the position, the information content to be checked by health care professionals. Shall not be reproduced excerpts of illegal publications; prohibited dissemination of pornographic content to carry out scientific research in the name of disease prevention and health channel comprehensive website shall not carry out scientific research service.

approach is clear, the health administrative departments at all levels need to set up a complaint phone calls and e-mail, Internet users to accept Internet health care information service complaints report. Internet users complaints and daily supervision of the problems found in the Internet health care information service providers should be promptly corrected. In violation of regulations, give a warning by the provincial health administrative department, shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit; if the circumstances are serious, impose a fine of 10 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan; refuse to correct, proposed regulatory advice, and transferred to the communication management department in accordance with the law; constitute a crime, transferred to judicial departments for punishment.