Classification of the site allow users to quickly go

  let the user as soon as possible to leave their web site." This is what Google advocates. The more powerful search function, the more convenient the user to find the required information, as soon as possible to leave the satisfaction. Classified information site also allows users to go fast".
      early in the acquisition of Ali Yahoo China business at the beginning, Ma proposed search strategy + e-commerce, but has not been explored by feasible path. However, the classification of information is not the same, it determines the characteristics of the search function can be more perfect combination.
      according to the nineteenth China Internet development statistics report shows that 51.5% of users often use the network service / function is "search engine". Without the ability to break the rules, recasting rules, follow the rules of development, is perhaps a better way of classification website.
      users want the first time to find information, even in a very detailed classification of the site, it is impossible. Instead of looking at dozens of categories of size, more users will choose active search, which allows them to achieve the goal faster. Classification site provides a variety of search functions, the purpose is to allow users to search the information they need as soon as possible, so that users go".

      Beijing: the fastest way to match the distance between the buyer to the seller, users do not need to go on a lot of websites slowly find, as long as a knock on keywords in cruel dispatch enter, it is cool to do. with the combination of user publishing and search engine, it is convenient and quick to find, so that users can easily reach their customer base.

      Gooel: Google life life search or to search for the core, in fact, is a senior classification search, can be more convenient for the user to related contents in the life of the most quickly find the content they need.

      in big cities, the rapid search through local search to eat, wear, live, travel and other life information has become the first choice for more and more consumers. Which website can let users classification "(more classification, query information fast, good, province price), he won the users, has occupied the market.
      allow users to "go fast" for the next