Super mobile phone virus XX artifact maker arrested for life


technology news on August 4th news, there are few at a rare briefing with malicious mobile phone virus three operators and police, but recently dubbed XX artifact malicious mobile phone virus can sneak forward user message content to others, as of Sunday night has swept one hundred thousand of the mobile phone, and was three operators to intercept about 20000000, its manufacturing and communicators Lee has been arrested; in addition, the China Telecom also reported another mobile phone virus spread recently, remind the user of the mobile phone virus malicious.

XX artifact can be sent to other people to send text messages to others

is reported that, XX artifact malicious mobile phone virus was first discovered in the early morning of August 2nd, contains a large number of messages between the mobile phone users spread to the morning of August 2nd to reach peak. According to preliminary estimates, hundreds of thousands of infected users.

the virus will infect the user’s mobile phone directory automatically bulk shape such as so, look at this, SMS, trick other users to click. At the same time, the virus reads the infected user’s mobile phone text messages recorded and forwarded to a cell phone number, so that the user’s privacy and the security of online banking SMS verification code is greatly threatened.

China Telecom warned that the infected user can click mobile phone settings — Application – application management, select the "" and "XX artifact", select "uninstall", click "yes" to uninstall the malicious application group.

China Mobile said that the malicious software has a rapid spread trend, are found in large quantities in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, has been on the content of messages containing the malicious interception directly connected, and the spread of malicious software, domain names and IP addresses for direct closure.

has been arrested the perpetratorsAccording to the Shenzhen police informed the

in its official micro-blog, in Weifang, Sichuan and Shandong to Guangdong Chengdu net Police Department informed of the case, the Shenzhen police after 17 hours of fighting overnight arrested the suspect Lee, at present, the case is under further investigation.

is the initiator of evil as Lee, male, 19 years old, Hunan, a university software engineering students. According to Lee confessed, the summer vacation to visit relatives in Shenzhen, making this kind of malicious motive is for fun, want to do a large-scale spread of the software to prove himself, but he did not think this program will spread so quickly, and even out of control, causing such serious consequences.

according to the Shenzhen police network, XX artifact as a new type of malicious programs, compared with the previous such procedures have four characteristics. First, by reading the user’s mobile phone address book information, posing as mobile phone users, send text messages and links to