Baidu theme was reported Kaba poison is a new round of false positives Kaba webmaster network August 12th news, there are some owners reflect, today opened the Baidu theme was Kabasiji prompted the site contains Trojans, LeapFTP, etc. are also banned by Kaba.



Kabasiji the impact of hundreds of hundreds of millions of false positives, but also affects the normal web browser users. After a few hours of false alarm, Kaba has been canceled, Baidu theme to resume normal browsing.

07 years only half a year, Kabasiji had 22 false positives; 08 years has been improved, but also false positives more than ten times; 09 years, that is some time ago, Kaba cnzz was false horse, affecting many cnzz users, have a huge impact on the. Do not know whether the time is exactly the same, the follow-up reports, network owners will continue to follow up.

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