Website promotion we have to learn to make traffic

recently held at the door of the Olympic, believes that many webmaster is very depressed, especially for the movie website, there is a CSDN Kam, who are not generous with the light of the Olympics in a flagrant way ah. What is more, some sites can not even get the Olympic theme, huh, huh, these owners can be anxious. No way, the society is in progress, can not always get the piracy, can only think about something else flow.

below I will turn the brain, make a few flow method:

A0 pros and cons, dialogue theme

this is not our idol Liu Xiang suddenly become the Olympic Liu run, this is terrible, wish to be disappointed, Comrades immediately linked to the scourge Fan Paopao, who does not run well, the stock market crash, horizontal comparison, longitudinal analysis, multiple-choice questions such as:

1 Liu Xiang VS


or before the time of the

2, Lang Ping VS

our users like this type of analysis and comparison, and then the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. After the review, suddenly found, miserable, Yili cow you let me do advertising, do not hang up, and then is a play. Anyway, the society is such, stir fry is always so noisy, always have the endless topic. The voting machine websites have started, on the left side of the station station right to line, move your hands, of course, also voted after analysis of comments, finally a summary for our great country friends, is a happiness within.

A1: a small


all right to engage in small Japan, made of sticks, or get a special care, ha ha, "buy domestic goods" slogan is too old-fashioned, nothing for a CNN problem, put some commonly used DDoS software, Chinese anyway, believe the young cynic are very willing to spread, so the effect is come.

you see it is not the end, the new introduction again, some people take Lang Ping, Liu Xiang said, including our former grandmaster laonie, lively


A2: Message comment machine

to find some of the radical point of the video, of course, is not like H H, otherwise there is no toss two to hang up, and then hang the following message on the program, but the subject is always so attractive. Or get some speculation, sometimes a little phenomenon will let the enthusiasm of heaven said angrily, how can I go abroad to kung fu panda, this is terrible, just like a star was a hundred responses to a single call, like MSN, to make the best, this does not flow, but the theme we must get the attractive ah, otherwise users dahushangdang, this push me ( was fooled, haha.

A3: making the topic

Chinese busybody, just knock the chatter, a pornographic. "