National decoration companies should unite to the nternet to single

I am the river level, the first to get venture capital labor contractor China.

venture capital is the most unique vision, how they will have a look at the industry has been doing bad.

reason is that I use the Internet to achieve the ultimate single.

said the first single, I was more than 10 million last year, the volume of business, advertising is about $more than 10 thousand, the staff is only two.

I know all the people will not believe, but I tell you, not only the staff of only two, is also a girl, is responsible for network orders, customer consultation and mobilize the workers, another for housing and contract.

what’s my boss doing?.

2012 and 2013 I studied Zen meditation, you went to the temple monks to accompany chat, to Hongcun Zi Lu Temple in meditation, holidays with children wife to travel.

money is not to me, but the workers directly hit my card, and occasionally there are workers to send cash to my home.

I seldom do not worry about the

list, often for a single to do so and regret, for their own brothers hanging on the bottom, also don’t win when they live among the previous from my two brothers this out on their own.

What is the state of the

counterparts using the traditional approach

I describe, anyway, then by eating shit also difficult to feel, because I just came from the traditional, aware of the pain.

sales in the district to squat, owners rush on like a swarm of hornets circularize.

some owners scared to open; some owners took the single fell on the dustbin.

salesman will sold dozens of owners list them one by one call, let the owners anxious from the phone they kick kick, the clerk of the basic dignity are lost, Cursed is the homely food pour out a torrent of abuse.

The boss will

some advertising on newspapers, a column about 10000 yuan, a full page of tens of thousands, up to three days if the tube thing, I do this, not hundreds of thousands of advertising are impossible to take down

Some enterprises will make

business district to put display light to do activities, property fees will do me a year in advertising it, who do who know

also do the spring and autumn loaded fair, the cost is also considerable exhibitors.

anyway, it seems that the home improvement industry is a piece of fat, who would like to bite a look.

I’m here to pick a single why easy, because I set up a complete network marketing system, I’ve played an appropriate analogy, if the customer is a pig (no derogatory, in order to facilitate metaphor enter from the front of the system), after a conversion precision, it is rarely canned need to plug into the human leng.

I used to build a small team