A lucrative Alliance

      graph king station activities to engage in good news, treasure. The king of the plot, only one word: praise!

      along with this activity came out, there is never a faceless Alliance:

      put the alliance and the website: the very lottery network (www.verycp.com) in all aspects of careful study under the. Come to a conclusion: This is a profiteering alliance.

      however, they compare the design of the hidden benefits!

      a closer look, 30 yuan a lottery software activation code, download the alliance’s software products: lottery powerful, and other products to compare, there are so many differences:

      1, cheap: This is the sky software above the price of such products: http://s.shareware.skycn.com/caipiao.html such things are more expensive price, from 100 to several thousand. Why is he only 30, the software is poor?.

      2, internet. The software with the site closely linked to the purchase of lottery tickets, lottery services and software combined, there is so much creativity in it.

      profiteering where?

      30 yuan software costs to the webmaster. 100 yuan of consumer service costs to the owners of 50. Buy lottery Commission 6.5% of the 5% to the webmaster! Where’s his profits?

      1, 30 yuan site was $10, not profiteering, because the software development and maintenance costs;

      2, 100 yuan a service card, that is, profits of 1, service, the cost is very high. Look inside the details, some of them on the deduction of 50 yuan. The basic cost is 0

      3, buy lottery tickets online, see the lottery sales in the past 2 years are given to the webmaster, after 2 years, it is all the site of the. This is a windfall. 6.5%, the number of people who know the sale of digital products are aware that the profit margins of digital products is very low. Like game card sales, online, the profit margin is below 3%! Lottery market is still large. This down, profits are greater than second.

      observe it, the league is now depressed, there should be more and more >