Taobao riot upgrade small sellers pull banners at Taobao headquarters





small sellers online sounded "siege" big business "no.".

Taobao mall recently adjusted capital renewal and related rules, technical service fee and default margin rose as high as 5 to 15 times of the giant. This caused a large number of businesses, especially small and medium businesses discontent. In October 11th, he overnight business users who suddenly soared on the Internet, Taobao mall to besiege many shop giant, Taobao to declare war. Yesterday, Ma and Taobao with the hardline response in the network, "the siege" escalating, as of press the number of participants has been close to 50 thousand, and dozens of store giant and Taobao mall under the "through train", "Juhuasuan" two plates, tens of millions of users strong crowd that no less than the "Tencent war 360" network events. Newspaper reporter Zhang Lei

a new regulation

triggered a chain explosion

October 10th, Taobao released the "2012 China Merchants mall renewal and rule adjustment notice", the technical service fee from the previous 6000 yuan to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades, or 5 to 10 times. At the same time, the amount of the amount of default margin shops increased across the board, from the previous 10 thousand yuan rose to $50 thousand, $100 thousand, ranging from $150 thousand.

that is, all businesses must come up with an average of more than about 100000 yuan of funds before the end of the year. Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said: "in the Taobao store seller if the service capacity of up to 4.6, the annual trade volume reached a certain number, for example, if the garment business reached 1 million 200 thousand yuan, you can return the service fee."

two rules

as a "siege" tool

1, lightning delivery: Lightning delivery refers to the seller on the basis of commitment to consumer protection services, voluntary choice to provide one of the special services to buyers. Seller agrees to provide limited time (within 24, 48 or 72 hours).

kill mode: in the specified period of time, if not shipped, the buyer can apply for the payment of compensation to Taobao under the provisions of this page and Taobao rules, Taobao will be paid in advance to protect the interests of buyers. Buyers can get compensation, businesses will be penalized.

2, 7 days no reason to return in receipt of goods (logistics delivery receipt time) after 7 days, if the buyers subjective reason to complete the transaction, the merchant has the obligation to provide return service to the buyer; if the Merchant fails to perform its obligations, then the buyer has the right to launch a complaint in accordance with the rules Taobao mall, and for seven days no reason to return the payment.

kill mode: if