Know almost completed 22 million B round of financing the Asia Pacific Fund led investment the ne


tonight, almost announced that it has completed the B round of financing led by the asian tournament, the amount of $22 million. According to previously published data, this is another round of financing on January 2012 following the Qiming millions of dollars A round after the.

know almost on the line in December 2010, mainly rely on early invited registration, plus from innovation works angel investment, to a large extent determines the direction or early emphasis on the field of the Internet, but after nearly 4 years of doing business, knowledge and radiation on the population in question is more diversified, according to at the end of May announced on salt known data on the club, now known, produced a total of 2 million discussion topics, the distribution also covers the Internet, natural science, social, educational, medical and other fields.

followed, it is known that the number of users is also growing rapidly: in 2013, almost 15 times the amount of users increased by the end of May, the total number of registered users know more than a total of more than 6 million.

Compared with the

type of CQA early, the known form is also increasingly become diversified, and with every generation of content and relatively high viscosity users know more and more like a media, its founder Zhou had evaluated it as "a super printing machine: ask, know almost has on the line know almost columns, known for more round of production capacity of the contents of the user to continually update and hot topic focused discussion; in the mobile terminal, known also launched a daily update of a waterfall stream to know almost daily; even more than the store shelves in reading or weekly, monthly etc. know, is more like a way to use the Internet content production.

is currently on the PC side, know almost daily UV (unique visitors) was 2 million 500 thousand, the average monthly UV reached 60 million, while the average daily PV (page views) amounted to 6 million, the average monthly PV reached 150 million; in the mobile terminal, know the application activation volume amounted to 6 million, known as the activation volume almost daily 5 million, the average open rate is 21%, the user’s average daily reading time reached 21 minutes.

is currently about to know, the outside world has always been the most concerned about the problem but how to profit in the future. However, many weeks to answer the source for fashion early". And after this financing, according to the official knowledge of the argument, it is on the basis of the current focus on the community and the improvement of existing mobile terminal products to the big and beautiful direction to continue to develop.