Vertical electric hot off the death of 60 million investment

electricity supplier industry development as the tide receded when you mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, to know who is swimming naked. Not long ago, the weekly Times reporter learned that, trying to build a hot fashion products to carry out a large integrated online shopping platform for the electricity supplier website – Hot passenger network into a funding strand breaks crisis.

adhere to the two years, after burning about 60000000 yuan, the hot passenger network is no accident on the electricity supplier death list.

burn samples

Shanghai ushered in the 140 years of the most hot in the summer, but the green tone of the heat off network did not because of the fresh and natural color and feel the slightest chill. On the other hand, off heat is in physical conflict and confusion for wages.

The heat off

launched in March 2011, is located in the Shanghai Pudong Expo plate is a creative park, covering clothing, shoes and bags, skin beauty, and many other portable digital portable personal fashion business website. Since the establishment of two years, the voice of the heat on the few passengers, in the outside world, its development is not warm not fire.

just born, hot off the Internet set off a fashion trend. Hot off the network’s own brand "L CART director Ma Jingni has said that the heat off L ‘CART audience is young fashion crowd, ZARA, H& M as an object, in which both European and American style, at the same time in the design cut closer to the Chinese figure, the price has more advantages.

overall, the establishment of two years of hot passenger has been force in the vertical subdivision of the field, is the rise of the vertical electricity supplier samples.

often go to Shanghai song city users might notice that in the song the gap, hot off ads always broadcast tucked on the screen behind this song from Shanghai city is one of the hot off behind investors.

at the beginning of August, according to informed sources, Shanghai City song in investment of 60 million yuan after the withdrawal, "the boss threw 7 million", but still could not prevent the heat off the capital chain rupture process. Wages after the incident, the heat off President Li Jiangen once the staff in the office block.

weekly Times reporter found that the last micro-blog Li Jiangen in July 4th, forwarded a heat off the official end of June micro-blog news. But under the micro-blog, only 7 of the comments are almost always pay word. In the micro-blog search can also be found on hot off the news eyeful taoxin".

said the above, since the establishment of the hot passenger network, the order of up to 100 orders a day, the average monthly turnover of only between $300 thousand – $500 thousand, the company has also decided to invest in the near future to close the hot passenger network.

electricity supplier in the increasingly fierce competition, there have been a lot of vertical business failures, there are also small business forced to purchase or transformation, such as the red child was acquired by, the first moment into the family, where the music Amoy by toy footwear B2C transformation. Analysts believe that, such as hot passenger network this is not connected >