Tencent released video secret 360 software how to hijack the user QQ

Video Demo: 360 software how to hijack the user QQ

recently, 360 companies through a "illegal plug 360 buttoned bodyguards, naked in a number of QQ function damage, serious impact on the security of QQ software and services to the QQ user account and virtual property caused a great security threat.

the illegal plug-in by means of intimidation and deception of users of QQ software hijacking and tampering:

1 QQ security module to prevent malicious hijacking, normal QQ Trojan killing, a serious threat to the QQ user account security;

2 hijacked QQ Core Security page, and jump to the 360 of their own pages, to promote its security products. This is the only trojan virus will use illegal behavior;

3 tampering with the design of the QQ software, malicious plug-in means to interfere with the normal operation of QQ.

for a long time, the 360 companies continue to hijack the user via fear, often discredit peer pressure. Today, it was openly released plug, undermine the legitimate software running. It means the bad is unprecedented in the Internet industry Chinese! QQ normal service and security has been hitherto unknown damage. In the face of such illegal acts in a flagrant way, Tencent Inc has reported to the police.

for your safety, please do not use the 360 software, do not enter the QQ account password in the software environment, not to carry out QQ data backup operations through the 360 software, in order to avoid personal data theft.

in order to ensure that QQ continues to provide you with normal services to protect your account and virtual property security, we are forced to take emergency measures incompatible with the 360 software. Please uninstall 360 software immediately. Only in this way, the security of the majority of QQ users can be guaranteed. Thank you for your support and love for twelve years, Tencent qq. We will keep our promise and do our best to provide you with better service!

Tencent Inc

November 3, 2010

letter to the majority of QQ users

360 is how to hijack and tamper with Q>