Mom please stop your viral marketing campaign

      September 20th, Ali mother launched a strong recommendation site on the reward 20 yuan activities. The wind blows at first, then a sudden waves.

      Shanghai webmaster forum, QQ group, and even my personal QQ, from time to time there is a mother to send the mother to promote the link. These links, I will click, but I will not be registered, the link will not be the owner of the money from my uncle to pay you 20 yuan.

      I have not registered before the account to remove ali. Even if I do not have a registered account, I will not go to register, I am very disgusted with this promotion activities. As the body of the virus in general, harassment, I am very uncomfortable, do not know how to heal it.

      as long ago, the site has more than N users crazy issued a "part-time information network", the gist is: Part-time Posts every day only need to release a number of written posts on the network, every day income of 50 yuan…… Such a rapid spread of the virus marketing chain, or called MLM links for the right to cut. I searched for a while, the staff said it did not receive the money, but paid a deposit of 50 yuan, the contents of the paste has indeed been suspected of mlm.

      Oh, almost forgot, these two days in the mailbox has received a message from the mother of the group of two messages: there is a recommendation on the site!

      some webmaster head. But please pay attention to carefully look at the activities of the rules, a domain name, ranking 5 million in the above, the most critical is that the other registered owners account through your link, and will not receive the money, but also the success of advertising, and through the audit and activation of the Ali mama…… Conditions are not harsh, but how much money can you receive from it?

      the activities of the page, such as: recommend a website, get 20 yuan; recommend the site, get 20*10=200 yuan; recommend 100 sites, get 100*20=2000 yuan…… What are you waiting for?!

      this sentence is too effective! The excited stationmaster shot, Shanghai webmaster forum, these two days every day at least 5 new registered ID for that matter, they divided each repeat to publish a post, do links, and then leave, then dream return =20*N……

      I’m sorry, I want to tell you: these dreams are just one release post, Shanghai webmaster forum moderator or administrator will immediately delete your posts. I’m sorry to waste your passion. >