Mobile nternet copyright wars application store can not apply the principle of safe harbor



Mo Yan won the Nobel prize,’s work on the App out, but most pirated APP. (TechWeb with


copyright war smoke has spread from the Internet to the mobile Internet era.

Mo Yan won the Nobel prize, a "Mo Yan novel" APP]HD "featured Jianfan in the first App Store free list. However, this APP does not indicate whether to obtain authorization, commenters pointed out that the interface is not clear enough, advertising, which is a "fengrufeitun" version, each chapter is not complete, and save a lot of typos, questioning is pirated APP.

in pea pods search Mo Yan, related APP nearly 40.

Prior to

, mobile Internet copyright war has begun, and the two sides are the copyright and channels of parties: the encyclopedia sued Apple awarded 520 thousand yuan, China writers rights alliance sued Apple Case hearing. In the country, the Chinese online application store to send a lawyer’s letter, claims ten million yuan; part of the application store shelves copyright issues APP; well-known reading software ZAKER canceled some information sources.


reading industry sources said, the mobile Internet content copyright is still in the gray area, but with the development of the industry and the importance of human rights, the contents of infringement will be re shuffle, walk the road of video copyright.

read copyright gray zone

either apple App Store or domestic Android application market, are full of pirated content.

has such a group of APP developers, they select the current popular books, the production of e-books submitted to the APP App Store, no author authorization, or even paid for sales.

amateur developer Zhang from the beginning of last year to do e-book APP. His business model is as follows: the selection of the current popular books made e-books APP, after Apple audit online App Store. Half a month after -1 months, will receive a copy of the copyright of Apple’s lawyer’s letter, accusing its infringement. Next, the two sides on this argument, Zhang will let the other party to produce evidence of copyright, if the other party to produce evidence, which means that the APP debate fails, will be apple under the shelf.

at present, he developed the 95% books have been the apple off the shelf, but in this half a month -1 months of "safety period", he had a maximum of 20 thousand yuan monthly income. An e-book APP threshold is not high, so engaged in this business is not a small number of developers.

in the country, most of the application stores to take notice after the deletion strategy. Early development of the application store, hoping to fill more content, audit partial easing. For reading APP, App Store