09 ChinaMode Chinese nternet open selection announced

who is our "one of 00" -2009 "open network selection project, sponsored by the OpenWeb. Asia Asia Internet joint working group, 14 independent blog and network technology combined with Chinese field full of passion and ideal outstanding originality co sponsored, choose 2009 year outstanding performance, distinctive features, and the novel highlights by the network applications and services of fans.

official: http://s.chinamode.org/

voting begins at 0 a.m. on December 15, 2009 until January 2, 2010 at about 0 a.m.. ChinaMode Chinese Internet open selection of public votes received a total of 121446 votes. The winners are as follows:

most concerned about Chinese Internet sites or applications:

Taobao, Google China, Baidu


best user experience Chinese website or application:

Google Chinese search, Sogou Pinyin input method, Alipay


most potential Chinese emerging sites or applications:

Google music, Sina micro-blog, DouBan FM


most concerned about the mobile Internet Chinese website or application:

mobile QQ, UCWeb, Fetion


most concerned about foreign websites or applications:

Twitter, Gmail, Youtube


most concerned about Chinese Internet characters:

Li Kaifu, Han Han, and


most talked about Chinese Forum:

, Baidu Post Bar mop.com,


pays special attention to the top 10 awards:

time network Follow5 I burn the city uUshare network IT network of people to see the network of drawers metropolitan Street Network

(source: www.williamlong.info/archives/2075.html)