Situation 5 fund to fund business to new Alipay Suning Caqiang

and Alipay is yifangda south, ICBC Credit Suisse, Debon, street five fund companies, pushing second physical property — treasure, for short-term financial products.

financial weekly newspaper reporter Li Husheng / Shanghai reported

stirred the whole fund market business situation continues, the first is the balance of treasure turned out to have dozens of fund companies Taobao shop on line, the other platform does not sit.

According to

reporter survey found that Alipay will cooperate with the 5 fund companies, launched the balance of treasure No. two, called treasure. Jingdong and Suning are still in the testing stage, there is no clear plan announced.


two products has not yet been announced, the 5 fund companies involved in

According to the Ministry of electricity providers who

a large fund company in Shanghai, said Alipay is working with yifangda south, ICBC Credit Suisse, Debon, street five fund companies, pushing second financial products, treasure, and this product is for short-term financial products. "I heard the news is that these are certain."

"at present, the project is in the process of feasibility negotiation." Above electricity supplier sources. When reporters call the Alipay, but this was the answer: "I have not received the relevant message, the content on the Internet I can see, but we are not here to confirm the news."

Although the

of treasure that denied, but the industry had a talks with Alipay over the fund company told reporters: "basic industry many companies have heard this news, just because there are still estimated Alipay test, so it is not the official release time."

early in the October Alipay share held on the same day, Ali small and micro financial services group’s domestic business group president Fan Zhiming pointed out, the IMF will only by Celestica fund to do, on the same day, Fan Zhiming also revealed that before the end of the high income financial products will appear in the Alipay platform. But it is worth noting that the 5 fund companies did not appear Celestica fund figure.

"We had

and Celestica cooperation is to give our customers a balance of value-added services, one particular value is to ensure the safety of our user security funds, in terms of investment. So we went with Celestica has been the acquisition agreement, which is to further ensure the safety, so the balance of treasure and monetary fund cooperation, we have clearly said, only with Celestica this one to cooperation, which is also based on this consideration." Alipay PR Zhu Jian told reporters.

but it does not mean that the new product will certainly cooperate with Celestica fund.

"I don’t know how to choose the 5 companies, you see the rich and the German state is a new company, how can the south, Yi Fangda, such as a large company with the election." Shanghai a Alipay is not selected on the fund company said people.