A new round of access to the site to open special rectification actions

According to

users to provide news, the relevant departments of the state of Internet access for the launch of a new round of special rectification action, this action will be in strict accordance with the instructions in the who access, who is responsible for the first record, after the principle of access, all involved in not filing website shall be closed, false record shall be punished.

according to China IDC circle observation, some provinces, regions, telecommunications branch, IDC room has taken action.

below for the reference:

Telecom released the user book, and ordered the IDC agent must be well prepared in December 3rd before filing, if found irregularities, immediately stop access until the termination of the contract for the record, the user must sign the user website for the undertaking, the user must sign and stamp. Jiangxi Jingdezhen branch of China Telecom is also on the regulation of its subsidiary IDC room, on suspicion of pornographic information website, the termination of all of its IDC business cooperation agreement, and require all customers before December 5, 2009, all servers and network devices will be hosted on the IDC room all the shelves and removed from the room.

over the past two years, the Internet pornography website repeatedly, making a large number of pornographic information on the Internet, a great impact on society. This special action before a change from the surface to porn sites hit palliatives form, down from the root of Internet access, strict supervision and management of the Internet access business, will effectively hijack the spread of pornographic information.

as the beneficiary and Internet access providers, IDC enterprises should set an example for the healthy development of Internet Chinese and their own living space, determined by the laws and regulations, to provide access to services for suspected pornographic information website. In the event of any problem, immediate action shall be taken to stop the network access to the sites suspected of pornographic information and avoid unnecessary losses.

friendly reminder: do a good job of backup, the best preparation, abide by laws and regulations, stable development! Come on!

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