Buy a mobile phone to the house the glory of the user year end bonus domineering awesome

at the end of the year’s end, we are most looking forward to the holidays is in addition to year-end bonus; however, double eleven is coming, but already empty pocket. It does not matter, the glory of the one billion year of the end of the year to reward users, in the glory of 11· 11 activities, the first to release a total of 200 million red envelopes to everyone. In addition, during the double eleven, total issuance glory including above two hundred million red, a total of 3-5 million benefits to users, some manufacturers even think a headset is not, it is true feedback for the user to the glory of


last year, double eleven, glory to provide users with the ultimate consumer lottery spree is the Tesla electric car a cool handsome; in October this year, released glory glory smooth play 5X field in Chengdu, President Zhao Ming announced two months ahead of the completion of the annual sales target of $5 billion, as the number of good news, rich and handsome glory does this year be ~ ~ ~


yes, this year will be the glory of the use of a sea view room. Now various mobile phone manufacturers to beat sales, a variety of promotional tools in an endless stream, but like this last year to send a car this year to send the room, in fact, the true feedback, it is only the rich two generations of glory to do.

is currently very popular word: cross. As the Internet brand a glory of nature does not lag behind, behind the delivery room is hidden in a deeper layer of strategic significance. We can see that the micro-blog group by Fantasia administrative micro-blog issued, then the glory of administrative micro-blog forward, that is to say, the glory and Fantasia should cooperate have reached in November 11th on the same day, consumers successfully order glory for any product, a chance to win a free sea view room Fantasia years residency super surprise. Mobile phone Internet glory as a leader, leading the Fantasia as living space, collision two brands will appear what kind of spark? Will generate chemical reaction more wonderful, such as smart home system? Everything is possible for you to create glory.

was born in misery and died in peace. In the glory of constantly trying to external things and integration, and whether it is music or blend and love dream fund cooperation to provide assistance to remote areas, or with the fashion brand of cross-border joint, new army from all walks of life and glory together to jointly, what is the reason for this


from the glory of events can be seen the destruction of mobile phone glory responsibility, interactive fashion can see the glory and glory of the taste, to music, to show innovation dream unremitting pursuit of glory. A quality and innovation to do the product, in order to inclusive and development and economic benefits of all walks of life, will attract the same excellent enterprises and institutions to join hands, to a more beautiful tomorrow.

, of course, no matter how to play, the glory will become more and more outstanding, one billion year-end bonus will also continue to give back to you, or the benefit of our customers! Glory double eleven will issue 3-5 billion, Seaview also made a set of glory "