How to make money before Liantan must stall

many of my friends have to stall, but if they do not, so always reluctant to act. How to set up a stall to make money? Are you still thinking about it? In fact, this is very simple, mastered the skills, be nothing difficult to make money.

1, choose their own understanding of the product

2, pay attention to seasonal product

3, executive power is very important

No matter what do

, three days fishing nets two days of drying, but not to earn money, but also easy to put yourself into the misunderstanding, to make money or even spread so downhearted, execution is very important, in some cases, the business is not good, or no business is normal, not complaining. But if the boss can not stand this test, they mistakenly believe that the stall is not to earn money, and then diverted to do other, I think the boss is not have a boss qualification. The execution is to do all the things that should have, like no executive power to do other things and how can succeed? But tell some fantastic tales.

how to stall it to make money? These points must pay attention to. Of course, the stall is also a test of a person’s psychological quality and eloquence and so on, is the gift of the gab stall must, if you want to set up a stall, the execution is very important, the first step will have the possibility of success.