Catering business Xinshoubikan

catering industry would like to be a huge magnetic field, all the time to attract entrepreneurs to move closer. Every success story dining staged here, want to be able to cling to the catering field is not an easy thing, the more so for the novice entrepreneurs do to make their own entrepreneurial path.

do catering, you need to do the role positioning. You may play the following roles in the business dining process:

1, operator: cook, kitchen workers, waiters, cashiers and other

2, the grass-roots management: Store Manager, deputy, foreman, chef

3, functional departments: administrative, personnel, marketing, procurement, finance,

4, senior management: Director, vice president, general manager, President

5, shareholders

6, chairman

more than the role of 1-3 belongs to the workers. Now you want to get rid of the work quickly, become executives, shareholders, chairman, I am afraid you need to start their own business.

start their own business catering, there are a variety of model positioning:

1, rent a store in the traditional way, please cook, recruit waiters, and then use the store to provide services to customers who come to dinner

2, do not have Hall Food takeaway

3, chef expatriate business, provide on-site services for the family, cooking

organs and enterprises

4, the use of Internet tools to do catering, combined with the above three ways, or do the third party catering Internet platform

5, there are many ways, you can imagine, innovation

as a restaurant has never been exposed, and no money, but also do not want to give people a new job, how to find their own business bureau? There are probably two paths to choose from:

1, mixed with others, followed by others start from scratch, to become a member of the core team. This requires opportunities, they can take the initiative to fight for more opportunities.

2, their own leading business, that is, independent entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has at least the following three conditions: the discovery of business opportunities and the planning of a worthwhile investment projects, the ability to project landing (reflected in the individual or team), capital