Clear goals through the graduation season

is college entrance examination today. Graduation season is coming. Many students are about to go out of school, start their own work, or start a business. It is not easy to make every choice, but we will make a choice. The entrepreneur Charlie · Dai (American film and television actor, screenwriter, American comedy masterpiece: "Philadelphia always sunny") in Merritt Mark University (Merrimack  College) commencement speech, he told his former life story to make a choice, to young students, some of the passion of innovation reference. After all, no matter what career is, every choice of thinking process and success factors are interlinked.

Although he did not like the Steve

however, only adventure is not enough. Charlie? Dai told the graduates that in order to succeed, they had to create their own opportunities. 2005, Charlie? Dai had to decide whether to play a leading role in a show that he didn’t like (with a handsome salary), or try to develop a program that he and his friends had been filming, but not paid. He makes a choice again. Network show Life  on  a  Stick only staged a season. So what’s he developing? It later became Philadelphia’s ever sunny (It’s  Always  Sunny), which is currently shooting its tenth season.