How to eat Japanese food restaurant

in China, there are a lot of Japanese food and beverage brands, there are a lot of good business, eating their home is a very good Japanese food brand project. If you have the idea of opening a Japanese restaurant, may wish to consider joining the brand project. The food home was founded in 1982 in Yokohama of Japan, is to beef with rice as the main commodity fast-food chain, in Japan’s domestic and overseas expansion in Zhiyingdian way. At the end of 2011, the number of stores reached 1710 by the end of 10. Home eat the beef with rice is Japan’s popular products, in the same industry accounts for about 45% of the market, is the industry’s first fully deserve. Food products are rich in their families, from the family to the individual radiation layer wide, widely loved by people.

eat their home to join? What are the advantages? See the following details:

shop is equipped with one seat convenient dining bar, also equipped with convenient family groups / guest dining tables and chairs seats. A variety of dishes, the appropriate price and let the guests feel the speed and good attitude, uninterrupted service to the guests 365 days.

eat their home to join the advantage:

Japan’s first

store beef with rice

provides the best beef with rice. As the Japanese market share of the first meaning as the representative of Japanese cuisine beef with rice, the most delicious side out, provided to the customer. The use of beef and rice strictly selected, sauce made with unique formula of modulation in the shop to provide guests.


offers the right price. The food is the home cooking beef with rice, the representative in Japan, to provide key with suitable price, to make all kinds of guests to experience through the fun and taste of beef with rice.


a variety of menu. According to the preferences of the guests, to provide a single product, package, size, variety of dishes and a variety of choice. Allow guests to experience the fun of choice.


quick offer. After a busy working life, the guests outside the dining is convenient and fast. To provide customers with fast food products through the technology and management of their home.


provides perfect service to every guest. The food home and general fast-food restaurants, but not self-service delivery service. When the guests began to store the smile at the table after meals and dishes that provide goods. By being well trained