Join the chain development suffered pain crisis

with the Chinese consumer awareness of the brand gradually improve, do business to become the consensus of many brands become entrepreneurs, especially in the apparel industry. Join the brand chain has become the first choice for many clothing operators, but over time, some problems also highlight.

in the fields of clothing and footwear, chain monopoly model has become a mainstream mode. Many brands rely on this model to grow the brand franchise fee is a sensitive problem between the producer and the franchisee, the problem in the growth stage of the brand body becomes more prominent, most of these brands is the production and processing enterprises to do the brand, the success of a great chance, lack of management experience in the operation of retail terminal. On the cost of joining the scissors game is also likely to occur in these brands. What is "shearing"? A simple explanation is that some franchisees in the brand growth into the brand marketing system, but once the brand is mature, the unilateral increase of initial fee, business risk to the franchisee body, leading to the franchisee profit space more and more small.

agents suddenly raise the threshold of confusion

he said in the shoe industry, there are some mature brand, unilaterally raise the initial fee phenomenon. This is from the perspective of the brand’s profit, brand business profits mainly includes tangible products and intangible benefits of product revenue two recommended