Pregnant women’s top ten brands list

once pregnant, the body has been very heavy load, if the dress is not comfortable, which will undoubtedly make pregnant women unbearable, so professional maternity market emerged. Pregnant women not only to bring their mothers comfortable and relaxed, more is to ensure the normal development of the fetus. Now the maternity brand, generally have a spacious and comfortable, breathable, absorbent strong, warm, summer wear convenient features. Pregnant women in many brands, which brand is recognized as a good brand? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce pregnant women loaded ten brands list, so as to give you a better choice of reference.

maternity ten brands list NO.1

October Mummy

O.C.T.mami October mummy Maternity: popular positioning high-end professional fashion maternity brand essence: comfortable, safe, stylish, elegant taste of consumer groups: upper income white-collar female intellectual marketing mode:

maternity ten brands list NO.2 Tim

is the first tim entire industry in Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai through the testing center radiation rate of more than 99.9% brands. Beautiful guru Annie Yi invited as Tim spokesperson, and personally designed for women, "the beauty of the Iraq single-minded" series. Uphold the concept of the new book "the practice of love" – "love others to love yourself".

pregnant women loaded with the top ten brand NO.3 this life baby · quasi Mommy KISSBB

life baby · Mommy is the company’s flagship brand, referred to as the "KISSBB" brand products to reflect the fashion, leisure, occupation, the four major themes of cartoon style, color bright and lively, with cotton cloth of high, mid-range market positioning with low, companies engaged in maternity care career to "love mummy, BB for the purpose of service, strive to improve the product quality and process, make Mommy had more happiness, also a comfortable

maternity ten brands list NO.4 Anfang

Anfang main radiation protection products, anti radiation maternity is Anfang information security technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. brand, as the company’s strong technical support, outstanding Anfang maternity from birth only Chinese radiation maternity field.

pregnant women loaded with the top ten brands NO.5 38week

Hongkong 38week fashion maternity dress brand. For the taste, attention to detail of the young prospective mothers to provide a unique personalized clothing series. It’s fashion, freedom