Thai City home the gimbap how to join

China’s diversification process has been a good development today. The performance of the catering industry is the integration of foreign diversified dining. Japanese style cuisine. Thai city in Korea, a symbol of good fortune and happiness, there are a lot of people in South Korea in the name of Thailand, and in order to predict the future of good expectations.

Tae hee home this gimbap how to join?

Korean culture, pay attention to traditional etiquette, pay attention to the original ecology of the "family" culture, traditional Korean family is usually 3 or 4 generations living in a big family, the traditional festival will wear hanbok, one family began to do the traditional food, spicy cabbage, fried rice cake have a happy heart family gatherings. "Home" in the hearts of every Korean have a pivotal position.

Tae hee home third generation create Thai city fast casual chain brand, officially entered the Chinese catering market, "Xi’an taicy Restaurant Management Limited as general agent of China mainland and Hongkong area, through product innovation and development, the three year in May 2012, Thai city national first store in Shaanxi · Xi’an Xiaozhai kaimi square opened in October of the same year the first franchise store opening.

Thai City home to join the process as follows:

affiliate program

1, join the customer to join the telephone consultation, the company profile and business model, join the requirements to do a simple understanding.

2, joined the customer to visit the headquarters of the store for field trips.

3, join the customer to headquarters to do further in-depth understanding and negotiations, the two sides reached consensus.

affiliate program

1, join the customer to fill in the application form for investors to join the company responsible for the audit, within 24 hours to notify the franchisee.

2, joined the customer signed a letter of intent.

3, the company’s investment department: to join the store market segments, the surrounding business district, format, the pillars of the economy to investigate, the selected address for investigation and evaluation. To join the business qualification and morality, business philosophy investigation.

4, make feasibility analysis report and market evaluation.

5, the two sides reached the final consensus. (headquarters to determine the market access, join the customer fully recognized headquarters assessment and a series of guidelines). Signed a formal contract.

After joining the