How to decorate the snack bar

catering business opportunities, do a good job in the snack business, small entrepreneurs are engaged in the chain of snacks. How to decorate the snack bar? So, take a look at some of the relevant suggestions on the snack bar! I believe such a small business flexible operation is very worthy of your good attention! The following is to do the snack business decoration reminder:

also consider ventilation equipment, for example, is at the top of each table are connected with a simple machine to smoke, fumes almost smell during the meal. According to the owner, although the simple smoking machine price is not expensive, since each machine must be installed to the fixed position, flue, external packaging and manpower cost is down, greatly increasing the cost of shop, general store recommended careful selection of ventilation equipment. As a result, the ordinary buffet can be installed 8~10 fans, neat side by side in the main aisle on both sides of the wall.

in the decoration of entrepreneurs should consider how to store size and layout, to maximize the use of space and will not hinder the passage. As the store is smaller, the decoration should be considered as much as possible to place tables and chairs, but also to avoid collisions between customers. For example: This design can store about 50 square meters in size, the door along the main corridor on the left 7 Zhang Changzhuo, each table for 4 people dining; the right area is wide, take two long tables together, the equivalent of a large table, two stoves, for a meal for 8, a total of 6 rows. The store a total of 19 Zhang Changzhuo, each with two long benches, more cost and space than a single stool.

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