1 4 Dazhou local public revenue growth of 14 4%

in the process of economic development, in a timely manner to do the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, not only to promote the development of enterprises to adapt to the tide of the times, but also to create their own rich value! 1-4 month Dazhou local public revenue growth of 14.4%, achieved remarkable results is very good!

1-4 months, Dazhou local public revenue 3 billion 116 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%, faster than the first quarter of nearly 4.3 percentage points; local public financial expenditure of $9 billion 814 million, an increase of 10.9%, slower than the first quarter of 5.6 percentage points.

the sound and fast development of economy, the local government cannot do without the wise decision, cannot do without their own times. In the wave of economic development, to constantly adapt to the needs of the environment, to create a better quality of enterprises, in order to better promote their own and local economic development.

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