District cleaners need to pay attention to what the management problems of small to weapon

almost every living area, there are at least one dry cleaners. So in the area of investment in dry cleaners, in the operation of the need to pay attention to what issues? Xiaobian will summarize the successful experience of everyone, I hope all of you help entrepreneurship.

1, the initial investment to understand the number of residential areas, income levels, cultural levels, the surrounding area of the business environment. General income is too low for the residents to open a larger scale of investment in dry cleaners, only to facilitate laundry, low cost of public laundry as an investment direction. The income level is relatively high, with a certain cultural level of the residents, the laundry service requirements are relatively higher, in this residential can invest some money, Hefei more scale.

2, after opening, for each into the store customers, establish a relatively sound customer files. Content can include: telephone number, occupation, age, birthday, the date of each consumption, family, etc.. The aim is to provide better service to customers. Because, in your business process, each customer is a very valuable wealth.

3, for the closure of the District, but also need some laundry promotional activities. In the doorway of the cell door, often release some information about the laundry service, can play a very good reminder. For example, the season, to remind the seasonal clothing washing. Some promotional discount laundry service, for a walk after dinner housewives will have great temptation.

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