How to upgrade the working sister Gong Haiyan CEO

entrepreneurial team, success, also have failure, successful entrepreneurs always have a period of bitterness course, today, full network Xiaobian to tell a girl is how to become successful listed company CEO octanoic acid.

if no accident, Gong Haiyan should be the only Chinese overseas listed companies in 2011, a female founder, is also the female of these listed companies CEO the youngest one (born 1976). Her life experience ups and downs, a Hunan village girl, back to school to repeat, after work was admitted to Beijing University, Fudan University during graduate school, started dating sites, led the successful listing of the company. Unlike most successful women, she is not a husband and wife venture, she was not even a well-off family was born, at the moment, we also rely on her support. No pedigree she is not beautiful, not married her completely with their tenacious struggle from the society in the corner of the station to the tip part of Pyramid.

in addition to many entrepreneurs and common stubborn and hard, she was a shrewd and astute entrepreneur, go with the user, to lead the market, rather than subjective to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial. She did three things right:

Second, to find their own business model. Many China Internet Corporation do not know how to put the cash behind the business model for the real profit model, Gong Haiyan find a way to survive Jiayuan micro payment; and, on the eve of the IPO, she quickly got rid of the traditional profit model – advertising type of Internet Co.

Third, the right time, the right marketing. Winter is the usual way of marketing jiayuan. Many will remember in September 2008 after the financial crisis, we are in contraction time, the network advertisement sharply disappeared, Jiayuan launched a large number of ads on Sina, suddenly opened all the competitors in the distance. Jiayuan 2008 Top50 Internet advertisers, even more than the China Mobile and Lining. In late November 2011, focus on the electricity supplier advertising disappeared, Jiayuan advertisement appeared.

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