Franchise management skills to teach

their own weak, if you don’t do your own business ready, then try to start from the open stores, the accumulation of entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial capital, to pave the way for the big industry of Japan after wealth.

1, headquarters and franchise conflict

but, if the VI unified the franchise greatly inspired by the spirit, so the big brands of standardized operation and management process of learning, is their urgent desire. The management of the store is not only a unified VI can be, and more should be the headquarters of the operation of the concept of the gradual penetration of the internal management and operation of unity.

in addition, stores will join the early, to the headquarters of the marketing strategy of the headquarters of the suspicious, worry about them in the direction of "harm" they either want to hold up, they always do "offline", because these are the franchisee still "reservations" join the early, but also for commercial headquarters the moral reflection and test.

2, headquarters of their own cause analysis