Zhongshan Tax Bureau really convenient

in Guangdong Zhongshan, a people moved happened to the Local Taxation Bureau, a disabled teacher ready to go to the tax bureau, did not think of is, opened the door and ushered in the local staff, let the teacher eliminates the need to go back and forth, really do provide convenience for people living. Convenience.

Du teacher is a disabled teacher in a middle school in Guangdong Nanlang town of Zhongshan city. Previously, although she knew the disabled can apply for reduction of personal income tax preferential for the record, but because of his physical disability, and trouble handling colleagues, so there has been no relief for the record.

"Guangdong Province Local Taxation Bureau on Guangdong province disabled personal income tax provisions of the notice" issued, Du teacher learned the old and lonely, the disabled, martyred taxpayers of individual income tax rate is significantly improved, and the tax process simple, she tried to inquire for the process, did not expect a consult the phone from the local tax staff enthusiastic response and get intimate on-site service.

in the tax bureau of Zhongshan City, people have talked about this matter, such as service personnel not only brings convenience, but also improve the efficiency of the tax bureau, worthy of praise, then if you have what it takes only a call with the tax bureau staff contact, truly convenience.

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