Wonton shop join cost much

joined the wonton shop how much the cost? After all these years of development of the catering industry, wonton is still favored by consumers delicacy snacks, although the investment of each store are not the same, but the main cost is the same, to open the main wonton shop, for you to assess your investment funds. But the

is very helpful!

1.: Generally speaking, the rent is not afraid of high rents, high must have high reason, lots of gold can not rent a eighty thousand year high, the shop under normal circumstances, certainly than 30 thousand of the rent shop to make money.

2. staff wages: first of all, to ensure their own business, commissioned to others, even simply let the waiter to take care of their own certainly not. Because this is a relatively hard work, after all, is not enough to rely on consciousness. Especially in the absence of a sound performance mechanism, it is necessary to personally manage.

3. utilities: a major expenditure. Relatively speaking, the elasticity is relatively large, for example, I found a lot of stores to cook a wonton time average is two times I cook ravioli time, gas consumption is about two times. Because they will be in a wonton alone after the boiling water, it will cause serious waste. Water does not seem much, in fact, can save a lot.

4. material cost: can not reduce the quality of the material, on this basis can save province. For example, in the non peak hours, there is a takeaway (mostly two copies) or packed away, we generally ask whether or not spicy oil seasoning. This is not a small accumulation of long-term profits.

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