How much money Cao Lin investment

in a chowhound world, delicacy is the whole of the life. No matter what corner of the store, as long as the taste of authentic, it must be chowhound palm. Of course, there are a lot of food store in our life, the facade not palatial, but the taste is really called it with no predecessors. There is only one reason for this phenomenon is that many people are using their own life to do food and beverage. Let consumers enjoy their food is the joy of their pursuit of life.

In the city of Shanghai Qingpu District

Road, there is a little famous restaurant "Cao Lin noodle", although the facade is not decoration simple, but because provided meals taste delicious, attracted many customers, has opened more than and 80 stores.

how much does Cao Lin rice noodle investment cost?

Cao Lin line, after 10 years of independent operation, after a long period of preparation, today officially opened a new milestone. Cao Lin rice noodle, learn from the Chinese food culture heritage, the ancestors of the fire pot can make rice noodle. Can play an important role. The soup with jar on the fire to boil, simmer for nutrition put vermicelli, rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes have been fully retained. The noodle is cooked quickly and evenly, Naizhu not rotten, refreshing and tender, not muddy after boiling soup features, in recent years, the majority of fans recognized and favored delicacy.

Cao Lin has more than 10 years of food and beverage management experience, strong direct store management team support. Mass consumption, location, store operating range, shopping district, schools, residential areas and other crowded areas can be open, simple, easy to copy, use light decoration, the decoration decoration ideas, save every penny for investors. Cao Lin rice line will be the main camp, joined the chain as a subsidiary business model debut. Redefine the culture of rice noodles, will create a new idea of the Chinese food culture in an endless stream.

Cao Lin meter net profit is very high, the low cost of joining the Cao Lin rice noodles, 10 thousand -3 million to join. Headquarters to do your strong backing, to avoid business risks, business is not affected by the seasons of spring, summer and autumn, the shop is not subject to the restrictions of the northwest region, Cao Lin rice vermicelli is a good choice to join the fast food items.

if you want to open a noodle shop, Cao Lin rice vermicelli to join the project is a good choice, low investment costs, easy to use, entrepreneurship can be less detours. Delicious rice noodles, bring endless enjoyment, Cao Lin vermicelli to bring people a better choice of food. Cao Lin join the project to achieve your small business dream, look forward to your joining!

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