Xiamen battery alliance innovation 1 1 1 3

modern lifestyle, people’s energy consumption is more and more, for the development of new energy research has become the focus of attention. Over the past few years, the concept of new energy vehicles, so that the world’s most cool brand, one of the Tesla companies in the automotive industry, environmental protection, capital circles, and even fashion circles have become the darling. Today’s Tesla, is no longer a car company, it aimed at the new energy market of billions of dollars.

as for the new energy vehicles provide the core power industry, battery manufacturers naturally will not miss this potential market, Fujian battery enterprises have abundant research and production base is no exception.

province ranked in the domestic battery industry overall level, with Ningde, Fuzhou, Xiamen new energy lithium Scud and a number of leading enterprises in china. In recent years, they have to force new battery field, some enterprises have reached the domestic advanced level or close to the world advanced level. In order to further drive the battery industry in our province, the ascension of the whole, in 2009, at the Xiamen University led by a set of complete province almost all scientific research institutes and universities, the battery business alliance – Fujian province new battery industry technology innovation strategic alliance came into being.

seven years later, the strategic alliance from the beginning of the establishment of the development of the 15 units of the members of the family of the 26, the joint members of the joint research and development, regular communication, sharing information, talent, innovation platform, large equipment and other resources…… Strong power is constantly pushing the development of the release.

alliance story: innovation "1+1+1 > 3"

, from the Xiamen University, Xiamen Hua Li energy Limited by Share Ltd, Scud (Fujian) Electronics Co., Ltd. joint declaration and commitment to the implementation of the major project — pure lithium-ion system development and industrialization projects entered the middle stage of acceptance. A new generation of high energy density power lithium ion battery is characterized by a significant increase in energy density, assembly of the same volume of the battery is expected to make the car mileage increased by more than 50%." Yang Yong, Professor of chemistry at the Xiamen University.

this means that once the production of new products, will allow the Fujian battery industry, and even the whole new energy automotive industry to a new level.

‘s technology research, three clear division of labor: a study of Xiamen University is responsible for the safety prediction of materials and the safety of the battery cycle life of lithium battery, China is responsible for the core of the core part of the research and development of power, is responsible for the integration of the late scud. Three cooperation, it is the province’s new battery industry technology innovation strategic alliance contributed.

insiders said, the project brings together new battery in our province on the lower reaches of the strong men recommended