National cancellation of professional qualifications permit lower threshold for employment and Entre

has blocked in front of countless people, but there is no sense of a variety of qualifications is very much, which is undoubtedly a lot of people to create the threshold of employment and entrepreneurs. While the state has canceled the professional qualification license, naturally let the employment threshold lower.

recently, the State Council issued "on the cancellation of a number of occupation qualification licensing and approval decision", based before the cancellation of the 5 group of occupation qualification licensing and certification matters, once again announced the cancellation of bidding division, property management division, market manager, florist 47 occupation qualification licensing and approval.

in recent years, due to flooding and occupation qualification certificate "formal Certificate Craze", part of occupation qualification certificate has gradually lost the true meaning, some miscellaneous kinds occupation qualification "hat", for the employment of entrepreneurs, is a difficult to cross the fence". Large college graduates face great employment pressure, but also spend a lot of time to get all kinds of certificates of qualification; many entrepreneurs struggling in the public venture, the highly innovative tide, but not necessarily in "textual research" on the road.

"cancel unnecessary occupation qualification licensing and approval, is an important measure to reduce transaction cost, promote the system of supply side structural reform, but also for the employment of college graduates and the capacity to create convenient conditions in redeploying staff." Human resources and Social Department official said.

today, the national standard of occupation qualification certificate, cancel some unnecessary "chicken ribs" occupation qualification certificate, make education from "the only card book" stripped out, is to let the occupation qualification examination, occupation skill certification really becomes pure.

cancellation of vocational qualification license, the impact of practitioners is obvious. In August 12, 2014, the State Council decided to cancel the 11 vocational qualifications and the identification of the contents of the directory, the real estate brokerage personnel qualifications ranked first. Beijing, a real estate intermediary company senior manager Dong Shuai told reporters that the occupation qualification certificate examination is not easy to reflect the true level of examination, pay more attention to the theory and practice of the level of knowledge, but not through the examination verified.

cancel professional qualifications and identification, reducing the threshold for new entrants to employment, but the competition is more intense, but the employment requirements than in the past. This allows employees to throw away the exam books, concentrate on improving their ability to work, for the broker to improve the professional quality, industry norms and healthy development has a positive meaning." Dong Shuai said.

experts pointed out that the regulation of occupation qualification chaos should not be limited to the abolition of the "chicken ribs" qualification certificate, must be multi strategies. Department interest tendency to eliminate the occupation qualification, occupation qualification standard setting, talent evaluation will give the market and enterprise, so as to cut the recommended