National day seven days entrepreneurial wealth is also happy

eleven holiday is coming, we are enjoying the happy National Day holiday, you have not thought about to make a fortune on the street and enjoyable?! National day seven days, seven days can sell hundreds of thousands of small flags!

this small flag, in fact, stationery stores only sell one yuan, why can we sell 3 yuan to sell it, first, the small flag is not the daily necessities, ordinary people are not sensitive to the price, do not know what it is worth, National Day, spent 5 yuan in the shop door insert a small red flag, bring up the atmosphere, but also show that he is very patriotic, much good, mainly among a lot of shops are plugged in, their shops are not too backward.

Second, the shop to do business, the national day these days are busy doing promotions, did not have time to go out to buy a small flag, we door-to-door, he would be willing to buy.

I said tomorrow we don’t sell this small flag, you go into 500 small flag stickers can be pasted on the clothes that each sticker purchase price of not more than 0.1 yuan, we sold 1 yuan a. Because tomorrow is October, the streets are certainly more special, adults and children have, this is affixed to the clothes on the national flag stickers must sell well. As long as you go to the door of a large shopping mall, you can, I estimate that a few hours can be sold out of these 500 posted paper.

readers, do you think I let this cousin 500 posted paper, can sell