How to network weapon summer increased turnover Hot pot shop

summer, eat Hot pot is a fully and delightfully thing, is the best choice for students and friends of the dinner party. However, compared to winter, the summer hot pot restaurant business will be slightly inferior. So, how to improve the sales of hot pot restaurant? How to make hot pot restaurants in the summer business is booming? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to sort out some marketing tips, a look at it!

A, suitable for summer consumption development Hot pot varieties, manufacturing selling

two, suitable for summer consumption launched a series of snack Liangdie

in ensuring low sales, profits and costs under the premise to, let customers feel benefits, which led to rising popularity.

three, the launch of the seasonal Fresh Juice, fruit

summer and autumn is the fruit season, launched a series of Fresh Juice, fruit, fruit or even consider the wok, and then change the consumption concept of Hot pot easy to get angry.

four, around the main extension of product development

extension development around the main products, launched a series of products suitable for summer consumption, for example, the main products are to live Hot pot based, you can introduce some fish as the main material of dishes, as a supplement to existing products Hot pot shop.

six, the use of WeChat takeaway package and seckill panic buying

seven, Hot pot shop iced beer with unlimited

eight, Hot pot shop daily free single consumption strategy

since we feel Hot pot lit, we might as well.