Wuhan Business Park welcomes a large number of returnees dr

now entrepreneurship is not part of the patent, no matter what your qualifications, what position, you have the opportunity to join the army of entrepreneurship. Fifteenth "the development of overseas Chinese entrepreneurs conference yesterday at the East Lake International Conference Center Grand curtain. A large number of doctoral candidates with overseas high-level talents with the project settled in Wuhan international students entrepreneurship park.

"CRE will be around the country to promote the implementation of the" The Belt and Road ", the Yangtze River economic belt and a series of major strategic development needs, provide more cooperation for innovation and entrepreneurship development opportunities.

the CRE will also set the first "International Talent Forum" on behalf of provinces and cities along the Yangtze River economic belt, invite some central provinces and the Yangtze River economic belt, according to the research status of various provinces and cities industrial development and talent introduction. At the same time, the "manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading" Summit Forum and thousands of people think tank high-level talent project matchmaking and other activities, to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between people at home and abroad.

Overseas venue


in CRE will be the signing of businessmen from the United States, Britain, Japan and Hong Kong and Macao Chinese Taiwan and other 13 countries and regions. The signing of the project category involves the introduction of high-level talent, bio medicine, electronic information, energy saving and environmental protection and other fields.