Parking is difficult to highlight the new regulations Xiamen parking fees

with the number of cars on the market is increasing, many places appeared the parking difficult phenomenon, in order to find a parking lot, the owner can be said to be an arduous journey. Night parking fees to drop, daytime parking fees to rise. The reporter learned yesterday from the Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, according to the spirit of the relevant state laws and documents, the Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments, in accordance with the parking fee difference to make the principle of "on the government guidance and the classification of parking lot management measures" "Xiamen municipal government guidance price of parking fees". The new charges have been up and down, from October 17th onwards.

parking increasingly prominent

it is reported that due to growing city motor vehicle ownership and the existing parking supply and demand increased, the public parking lot resources are scarce, many owners to park for a long time, resulting in parking turnover rate is low, it is difficult to find a parking situation increasingly prominent.

reporter learned that, in view of the current public transport facilities is not perfect, the subway is under construction, "public" and "power" and other factors, choice of travel mode, the public to stop in a sense has become rigid demand. The adjustment of government guidance parking charges, is in accordance with the original price bureau formulated three categories of parking fees, at the same time to consider the affordability of consumers, part of fine-tuning only temporary parking fees.

night parking fee will drop

according to reports, the new "measures" the first clear free time parking lot for 0 to 30 minutes (including) within (independent professional mechanical stereo parking lot except); free time temporary road parking is 22:00- 07:30 the next day.

second, considering the static demand for parking vehicles at night for a long time, part of the parking lot and road temporary parking and night time charges per hour down 2 yuan to 1 yuan.

again, according to the cumulative accounting principles on the part of the daytime fees per hour increase 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan, for temporary parking (except road parking fee second) a billing period (surcharge) every half hour raised 1 yuan, and other categories of charging period of the road parking and parking lot fees the standard is raised in less than 1 yuan per hour.

golden week parking fees will go up

it is understood that the adjustment of continuous parking for 24 hours (CAP) charges raised significantly. The main purpose is to make full use of price leverage, public parking resources, improve the use of parking turnover rate, guided vehicle quick stop brisk, prevent the emergence of "zombie" phenomenon is recommended