What are the difficulties in the management of automobile service enterprises

now any one enterprise is very important for the management, after all, the management is done in place, which has a direct relationship with the development of the enterprise. However, despite the increasing number of cars, car service business is often unsatisfactory, in which management has played a big impact. So, what are the difficulties in the management of automobile service enterprises?

1. car service companies paid to dig a lot of technical experts are still difficult to improve the quality of maintenance, delivery time is long;

2. site, maintenance equipment, office equipment investment is huge, but still can not create a high quality service of automotive service companies;


3. carefully choose the enterprise management software maintenance car brand, but the automobile service enterprise service process and customer management is still not rules;


4. car service companies have a strict management system, but the reality is a grasp on the stiff, put on the loose, management system useless;

5. automobile service company is helpless in the market development issues, it is customary to door, the lack of effective means of market development;

6. automobile service enterprise management lags behind simple habits is to manage the people, rely on the "genius" support situation, team building is almost zero;


7. service standard is more and more high, the customer satisfaction is lower and lower, the customer loyalty is difficult to promote, lacks the method and the method to change;

8. automobile service enterprises lack of scientific planning, practical planning, the future of enterprises rely on "gambling", blind to determine the direction of enterprise development;

9. automobile service enterprises operating costs are higher and higher, the customer price is getting lower and lower, enterprises lack of effective means of profit promotion;

10. automotive service business model is similar, the market competition means monotonous, rigid service model, weak customer management.

if you are a member of this industry, Xiaobian introduced that these are not empathy? Very understanding? Indeed, the demand for automotive services market is extremely broad, but the industry is also facing the problem of countless. So, if you are a car service business operator, and now you are also in the management of the plight and extremely upset?

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