Why so many ideas are useless

would like to say that the entrepreneurial ideas on the market, it really is a lot of countless, but really can come in handy but not much, then why so many entrepreneurial ideas are useless? Let Xiaobian to your analysis!

had setting counseling know the success and the idea really little relationship. It is necessary to have a good idea, but it is not the root of success. The real business victory mostly from hard work and adventure, to launch a real value to customers of new products or to plan.

For example:

In fact, more than

when founders consult us regardless of their "a winning" idea, we will give them the following recommendations: do not fear and outsiders to share your concepts and ideas. There is no price for the idea. With the guidance of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors will give you a lot of valuable. If your idea makes sense, someone will copy it. All you have to do is better than they do.

1. do not continue baseless and.